Dalby Charollais & Lleyn Sheep

Sandlands Farm is situated in the heart of the Wreake valley, just outside Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.  Sandlands is a 20ha County Council smallholding, but with other land rented in a variety of agreements the total area farmed is approximately 150ha, mostly grassland but some cereals and forage crops.

The main focus of our business, are the sheep flocks and our aim with these is to make them profitable, easy to manage and enjoyable to work with.

The Charollais, now the UK's premier easy lambing terminal sire breed, has been a major part of our business for 25 years.  Without doubt the breed now provides commercial farms with easily born, vigourous, quick growing and well fleshed lambs -  an idea combination.

Our maternal breeding programme is based around our flock of Lleyns, a breed that are thrifty, prolific, milky and very easily managed.  This breed is particularly suited to our low input, outside lambing system.  Our focus now is to improve the output, by increasing the weight of lamb sold.

At Sandlands, we are always open to new ideas, and to this end we have introduced a new breed of sheep the Norwegian White.  Having been developed in Norway with extensive use of performance recording this breed offers very prolific, very milky ewes, that are large and robust and promote reasonable conformation and high growth rates. We plan to run a pure nuclus flock that will be adapted to suit UK conditions, and cross the best bloodline into our Lleyn flock to produce a hybred ewe.


Charles & Helen Sercombe ~ Sandlands Farm ~ Frisby on the Wreake 
Melton Mowbray ~ Leics ~ LE14 2NS
01664 434760 or 07836 385139

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