Facts, Figures and EBV's

graphWe now have one of the breeds top performance recorded flocks, with an average index of 342 for our 2010 lamb crop, which puts it just outside the top 10% figure of 344.  We also have many individuals that are top of their respective sections of the performance charts, as detailed below.

We have always been convinced of the benefits of performance recording, firmly believing that if you don't measure it, you can't manage it.  We started recording in 1990 and joined the Sire Reference Scheme in 1997.

It is our strong belief that recording is a valuable tool in a breeding programme, and we use it as part of our selective process.  By applying strict selection pressure we have over time managed to increase the growth rate and muscle depth in our sheep while maintaining balanced fat levels.  This we believe will become more and more important as we strive to produce more "efficient" sheep that can produce more while using less resources.  We are also convinced that our breeding programme is continually highlighting the genetically superior lines within our flock and this will have a major impact as the Charollais breed moves forward.

*        Top rated ram lamb      Dalby Kracked-it - PE 00114 
 *  Top rated stock ram  Dalby Hickory Dickory - PE 7090
 *  Top rated ewe  Dalby Hyacinth - PE 7063
 *  Top rated shearling ewe  Dalby Jasmine - PE 9092
 *  Top rated ewe lamb  Dalby Kate - PE 0111


Charles & Helen Sercombe ~ Sandlands Farm ~ Frisby on the Wreake 
Melton Mowbray ~ Leics ~ LE14 2NS
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