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We are purveyors of sheep breeding stock designed to promote easier management systems in the modern farming environment.  This is based on two separate breeds of sheep Dalby Charollais - the premier easy lambing terminal sire and Dalby Lleyns - the alternative ewe breed for low maintenance and easier care management.
At Sandlands Farm, we specialise in producing high index Charollais shearling rams, managed to encourage varility and tupping performance, sold directly from the farm.  More and more commercial flock masters are seeing the benefits of rams bred and managed this way, boosting their performance and increasing their profitability.

The Lleyn flock is the basis of our current breeding programme, the ultimate aim being to develop a easy managed ewe that requires minium inputs and minimum labour.
In 2009 along with two fellow breeders we imported 50 Norwegian White ewe lambs and 4 rams to form the basis of a new flock.  The Norwegian Whites have been performance recorded for more than 30 years and are large, prolific and very milky.  We plan to introduce these genetics into our breeding programme and watch the results with interest.

All classes of stock from both breeds are available for sale on a pedigree and commercial basis.


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Charles & Helen Sercombe ~ Sandlands Farm ~ Frisby on the Wreake 
Melton Mowbray ~ Leics ~ LE14 2NS
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